Colloquium Schedule

Colloquium schedule

Colloquia are held via Zoom or in-person (SW 214) at 11:15 AM Fridays during Fall 2023 (unless noted below).  

If you are not on our colloquium email list and would like to attend, please contact to be added to the list and receive Zoom links and announcements.

Academic year 2023-2024




Department Welcome


Andy Gould
(Ohio State University)

Microlensing: Planets, Free-Floating Planets, and Black Holes September 8

Xi Zhang

Air Conditioning the Giant Planets Near and Far September 15

Gautham Narayan
(University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

 Looking at the Sky with Artificially Intelligent Eyes September 29

Frank Van Den Bosch
(Yale University)


October 6

Meng Gu

October 20

Rose Finn
(Siena College)

November 3

Emanuele Dalessandro



November 10

Smadar Naoz

November 17

Drake Deming

December 1

Tremblay Grant

December 8