Colloquium Schedule

Colloquium schedule

Colloquia are held via Zoom or in-person (SW 214) 11:15 AM Fridays during Fall 2023 (unless noted below).

If you are not on our colloquium email list and would like to attend, please contact to be added to the list and receive Zoom links and announcements.

Academic year 2023-2024




Department Welcome


Andy Gould
(Ohio State University)

Microlensing: Planets, Free-Floating Planets, and Black Holes September 8

Xi Zhang

Air Conditioning the Giant Planets Near and Far September 15

Gautham Narayan
(University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

 Looking at the Sky with Artificially Intelligent Eyes September 29

Frank Van Den Bosch
(Yale University)


October 6

Meng Gu

The Stellar Initial Mass Function in MASSIVE Early-Type Galaxies October 20

Rose Finn
(Siena College)


Emanuele Dalessandro

 Massive stellar clusters at the crossroad of star and galaxy formation


November 10

Smadar Naoz

It's Raining Black Holes...Hallelujah! November 17

Drake Deming

Transit Spectroscopy of Extrasolar Planets December 1

Grant Tremblay

The sky and other ghosts: Astro2020, Great Observatories, and the looming lost decades of discovery December 8

Lauren Weiss
(Notre Dame)

The Origin of Earth: Lessons from Multi-Planet Systems January 26

Hui Li
(Tsinghua University)

Tracing the baryonic cycle in and around galaxies using radiation hydrodynamic simulations February 2

Dragan Huterer
(University of Michigan) 

25 Years of Dark Energy, and What's Next February 9

Raphael Errani
(Carnegie Mellon)

Constraints on dark matter cores from the tidal evolution of Milky Way
February 16

Bob Mathieu
(University of Wisconsin-Madison) 

Blue Stragglers, Blue Lurkers, and Stars that Go Bump In the Night February 23

Special Edition

Erin Flowers
(Princeton University)

Titan: Why it’s the coolest place in the solar system, and past & future missions to prove it February 29th, 1:00 PM IMU Tree Suites, Oak Room

Francesco Alfonso Pepe
(University of Geneva)

Exploring exoworlds through high-fidelity spectroscopy. March 1

Anders Johansen
(Lund Observatory)

Rapid accretion of rocky planets and the outgassing of their first atmospheres March 8

Simon Albrecht
(Aarhus University)

Exoplanet system architecture: Planets on peculiar orbits March 22

Scott Gaudi
(Ohio State University) 

Hot, Warm, Cold, and Frigid Exoplanets from the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope March 29

Anna Rosen
(San Diego State University)

Gone With the Wind: Assessing the Impact of Stellar Wind Feedback in Massive Star Formation April 12

Konstantin Batygin

April 19

Matt Holman
(Center for Astrophysics - Harvard & Smithsonian)

April 26