Code of Conduct

Department of Astronomy
Code of conduct

Our community is strengthened and sustained by a shared commitment to foster a welcoming and respectful environment, to eliminate barriers to success and to support a diverse and inclusive workplace. This commitment helps us to achieve more effectively excellence in research, learning, and service. To that end, we strive to adhere to the code of conduct and professional standards described below.

  • We treat others professionally, with respect and courtesy.
  • We deal with others and carry out our professional tasks with fairness and integrity. Specifically, we apply standards of assessment in a way that is equal and free of bias.
  • We communicate respectfully and appropriately, avoiding exclusionary, prejudicial, discriminatory or inappropriate language or imagery.
  • We work to identify, challenge and correct our conscious and unconscious biases in departmental processes, including admissions, recruitment, promotion, and evaluation.
  • We strive to minimize or eliminate barriers that impede professional success of others and especially of members of underrepresented groups.
  • We individually take responsibility to be open to changes that improve our work environment.
  • We respectfully intervene or take appropriate actions when we witness acts that fall outside of our code of conduct.

In addition to adhering to this code, members of the department should be familiar with and follow IU policies on faculty, staff, and student conduct.