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Faculty Member Contact Research Interests
Constantine P. Deliyannis cdeliyan [at]
Swain West
Stellar interiors and stellar evolution; metal-poor stars; open clusters and globular clusters; big bang lithium; light element probes of big bang nucleosynthesis, chemical evolution, and physical processes inside stars
Phyllis M. Lugger lugger [at]
Swain West
Dynamical evolution of globular star clusters, galactic nuclei and clusters of galaxies, optical and X-ray studies of binary X-ray sources, N-body simulations of globular star clusters.
Catherine "Caty"  A. Pilachowski cpilacho [at]
Swain West
Stellar compositions, stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis, the origin of the elements in the milky way, stellar seismology.
Katherine L. Rhode krhode [at]
SW 315
Stellar populations, structure, and formation of nearby galaxies; extragalactic globular cluster systems; rotation and evolution of solar-type pre-main-sequence stars
Samir Salim salims [at]
SW 418

Galaxy formation and evolution; ultraviolet astronomy; active galatic nuclei
John J. Salzer josalzer [at]
SW 321
Galaxy evolution, active galactic nuclei, starburst galaxies, chemical evolution in galaxies, multi-wavelength studies of dwarf galaxies, emission-line surveys
Liese van Zee lvanzee [at]
SW 410
Galaxy evolution, chemical evolution, star formation, extragalactic neutral hydrogen.
Enrico Vesperini evesperi [at]
SW 326
Formation and dynamical evolution of globular clusters; N-body simulations of globular clusters; Multiple stellar populations in globular clusters; evolution of Galactic and extragalactic globular cluster systems
Songhu Wang sw121 [at]
SW 412
Observational and theoretical studies of exoplanets and exoplanet systems.

Emeriti Faculty

Faculty Member Contact  
Martin S. Burkhead burkhead [at]
SW 309
Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., Astronomy, University of Wisconsin, 1964.
Haldan N. Cohn cohn [at]
SW 318
Dynamical evolution of globular star clusters, galactic nuclei and clusters of galaxies, optical and X-ray studies of binary X-Ray sources, N-body simulations of globular star clusters
Richard H. Durisen durisen [at]
SW 309

Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., Astronomy, Princeton University, 1972.
Eileen D. Friel efriel [at]
Formation and evolution of the Milky Way, Galactic chemical evolution, star clusters, stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis, stellar populations
R. Kent Honeycutt honey [at]
SW 309
Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., Case-Western Reserve University, 1968
Stuart L. Mufson mufson [at]
SW 318
High energy astrophysics; cosmic ray physics from underground and balloon-borne experiments; neutrino astrophysics and dark matter searches; cosmology.

Research Scientists

Research Scientists Contact Research Interests
Thomas Y. Steiman-Cameron tsteiman [at]
SW 309

Senior Research Scientist, PhD Astronomy, Indiana University, 1984.

Dynamics of nonplanar astrophysical disks; galaxy formation and evolution; structure of galactic halos; spiral structure of the Milky Way; accretion driven compact x-ray binary stars

Jonathan Thornburg thornbuj [at]
SW 309

Dynamical and gravitational astrophysics; orbit decay and final coalescence of binary black hole systems

Visiting Professor

Visiting Professor Contact Research Interests
Alex T. Deibel adeibel [at]
SW 408
(812) 856-3931
Numerical models of neutron stars; neutron star interiors; nuclear burning on neutron stars and white dwarfs; nuclear astrophysics

Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct Faculty Contact Research Interests
Charles J. Horowitz horowit [at]
Dept of Physics
SW 233
Theoretical nuclear astrophysics, neutron rich dense matter, neutron star crusts, neutrino interactions in supernova explosions, and laboratory measurements of nuclear properties important for astrophysics.
Alan Kostelecky kostelec [at]
Dept of Physics
SW 229
Theoretical physics, with primary interest in space-time symmetries, in particular Lorentz and CPT symmetry
Scott Michael scamicha [at]
CIB, 2709 E 10th Street
James A. Musser jmusser [at]
Dept of Physics
SW 303
High energy and particle astrophysics, neutrino physics, neutrino oscillations, cosmic rays, MINOS, NOVA, and CREST experiments
Shawn Slavin slavin [at]
CIB, 2709 E 10th Street

Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoc Contact Research Interests
Francisco Aros faros [at]
SW 318

Ilaria Carleo icarleo [at]
SW 415
(812) 856-5196
Exoplanets research, exoplanet atmospheres characterization; near-infrared transmission spectroscopy; radial velocity
Vaclav Pavlik vpavlik [at]
SW 318
Numerical models of star clusters and dense stellar systems; binary star dynamics; stellar evolution.