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Diversity Statement

Our understanding of the Universe grows from diverse perspectives and different approaches. The Department of Astronomy celebrates diversity in all its forms, and strives to create an environment of respect and support for all.

Diversity strengthens our community and positively impacts our success as scientists and educators. Diversity enhances creativity as new viewpoints bring new ideas to research. We welcome and value non-traditional members of our department, and recognize the additional challenges faced by members of underrepresented groups.

Our department is a leader in gender diversity/equity: IU Astronomy has the highest percentage of female faculty of any U.S. astronomy graduate program. We also seek diversity in all of the ways that people differ that are unrelated to scientific excellence. We strive to provide a welcoming and safe community, and take responsibility to prevent intolerant behavior that makes anyone feel excluded or unsafe.

As a Department, we support and affirm both the Core Values of the College of Arts and Sciences and the Diversity Statement of Indiana University

Please find a list of diversity resources here