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Colloquium Schedule

Colloquia are held via Zoom at 4:00 p.m. Tuesdays during Fall 2021 (unless noted below)
If you are not on our colloquium email list and would like to attend, please contact to receive a Zoom link. Space is limited.

Academic Year 2021-2022




Department Welcome

Swain West 130 Tea Room
4:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Students, Faculty and Staff of the Astronomy Department

August 31 
September 7
Caroline Morley
(University of Texas - Austin)

Empirically Determining Substellar Cloud Compositions in the Era of JWST
September 14

  September 21
Kristian Finlator
Linking Galaxy Formation with Cosmic Reionization October 5
Ruth Angus
Measuring the Ages and Rotation
Rates of Cool Stars with TESS
and Other Photometric Surveys
October 12
Ting Li
(University of Toronto)
The Southern Stellar Stream
Spectroscopic Survey:
Overview and Latest Results
October 19

October 26
Laura Kreidberg
(Max Planck Institute for Astronomy)

Planets are Places: Characterization of Other Worlds in the 2020's and Beyond
3:00 PM
November 2
Josh Simon

A 4D View of the Local Group
November 16
Jim Fuller

Surprising Impacts of Gravity Waves
December 7

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